Who We Are

How it started?

We share common goal with every Africa who is enthusiast about growing our continent. Over times, Africa continent has been lagging behind and struggling to be developed and the only way the continent can become developed is by embracing technology to its fullest in every sector.

The journey

This will help put Africa forward. In lieu of this, we as an Organization has decided to be that one voice to help Africans achieve this aim by becoming the voice Africa needs.

Our Roadmap

As an ambassador, the aim is to advocate, support every growing tech start-ups in the Continent, empower and educate youths to be technology inclined. As an Ambassador to preach the tech gospel in rural areas, show them how technology can make their lives easier and more productive, how technology can help safe climate and many more.

What We Do


Creating awareness among individuals in the community, introducing newly technology trends and the effects it has on the Africa economy.


Creating awareness among individuals in the community, introducing new technology trends and its impact on Africa economy.


Making standard use of the Organization social medias to have a strong feet, bold statements and also garner the right audience.


Creating collaborations with other Organizations that has strong belive in the power of digital transformation for Africa Economy. collaborations which will bring about strong empowerment.


Meeting with CEO's of startups across Africa during our monthly webinar series in which every ambassadors participate, pitching ideas which can make changes in the Africa Economy.