• Africa Digital Economy Forum (ADEF) is a common platform for technology and service providers focusing on the transformative powers of Africa’s steadily growing and booming digital economy.

  • Engage and collaborate with stakeholders which includes governments, private sector, academics, national and international bodies, etc, to promote frameworks to maximize the potential dividends of a thriving digital economy beneficial to all Africans.

  • ADEF is fully committed to advocating for expansion of connectivity, access to affordable data, promotion of innovation and full digitization of African nations’ economies as the basis for development.

  • Research: Will carry out specific and strategic research for the Organization

    Campaigning: Will conduct a variety of campaigning or awareness efforts designed around our programs and objectives on achieving sustainable and beneficial digital economy in Africa. Campaign will involve physical, real live events, real life or virtual symposia.

  • Unique Network Opportunities.

    Monthly/Weekly Incentives (Blockbuster Movie tickets, Picnic Organization, Getaway Sponsors).

    Online/Offline courses.